• Steven Dedrick

    Transformational Guide

  • Opening the Way

    My clients come to me when they have reached an impasse and their life or business is feeling held back. They know they need to get to the other side and it’s my honor and pleasure to help illuminate that which is cloaking the way forward and clearly illuminating the next steps. I am honored to support others to navigate with clarity, ease and joy.

    Subtle Refinements

    • Strategizing an efficient path forward 
    • Finding the sweet spot solution for specific challenges
    • Refining business strategies to release the flow of financial opportunity
    • Calming charged situations
    • Articulating precise and methodical next steps

    Grounded Support

    • Sacred space holding for personal or group processes
    • Event production
    • Technology optimization and design
    • Research and development
    • Root cause analysis in complex systems
  • About

    My professional path has always been an expression of my passions for community service, systems development, and personal and purposeful growth. I always seem to be operationalizing a unique intersection of technical savvy and intuitive development. This found me working in energy efficiency automation or computer software development all while exploring diverse modes of shamanic wisdom and healing. As a result, I eventually applied my systems thinking to decode the intuitive framework I use with my clients. It weaves a common thread of path clarification found in systems like applied kinesiology, the energy bodies, spiral dynamics, indigenous shamanism, gnostic wisdom, somatic psychology, and ancient mysticism. These combine to create a nuanced approach that draws from a clear field of intuitive understanding to efficiently cut through the blocks and illusions and illuminate the most effective, pragmatic steps forward.